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Xenia Hôtellerie Solutions provides a range of services to independent hotels to improve sales and hotel management. The foundation of our service is a combination of great people and great technology to more effectively manage connections to distribution channels, enhance your reputation and get the most out of economic and benchmark data.

The technology services are combined with those related to the commercial and technical development, which are implemented according to the most innovative and effective international models.

Xenia is the leading name in the hotel industry for the creation and implementation of sales plans.


Hotel Connect

Xenia is in charge of distributing partner hotels into all the market segments and through different channels: GDS (Global Distribution System), web and corporate.


Channel Manager

This software helps reduce update times of on-line channels and distribution, as well as risks of errors and overbooking. It is a tool that, therefore, optimises sale strategies. It enables to centralise inventories, to manage prices and availability from a single platform, and to set the sale rules and strategy on different channels, including the relevant web site.


Booking Engine

The so-called booking engine is the software installed on the hotel website that - on the one hand - enables users/customers to make reservations, and - on the other hand - enables the hotel to transform its site into a virtual business.


Mobile Solutions

Thanks to the technological and consulting know-how, Xenia gives the possibility of creating mobile sites also through the incorporation of mobile booking engine software.




It is a benchmark tool that controls and analyses in real time the prices and positions of competing hotels.


Brand Review

This is an application to monitor the brand reputation of both the hotel and the competitors, as well as to improve the ranking.


Easy Start-Up

This is a service that enables the hotel to be on-line on the main portals. By analysing the location and the tourism flows of the relevant geographic area, the "niche" portals suitable for the hotel will be identified.


Data Management

Xenia's system has unlimited storage of prices and conditions of the different sale channels, both GDS and on-line, thus offering benchmarks and historical and predictive data analyses.


Revenue Management System

This is a software that, by means of advanced forecast and information models about bookings, gives suggestions in order to optimise the hotel profitability.




Personal Assistant

Xenia has turned hospitality into its passion. This element and the deep knowledge of the hôtellerie world ensure partner hotels professional commitment and support for the achievement of results and high value performance.


Marketing Plan

Xenia’s experts support the hotel management in the analysis of the hotel performance. In order to increase the value of the hotel potential, they help it plan the distribution and revenue strategies, and contribute to designing and elaborating business plans.


Hotel Representation

This is a service for small/medium-sized hotels and for Italian and foreign hotel chains, consortia and clusters that want to be represented at all distribution channel, client companies, agencies, fairs, etc.


PHI Hotels

Xenia selects hotels for its affiliation network PHI Hotels. The network guarantees visibility, global partnerships, consulting approach, presence in all sale channels and with any modality, support and training.


Join the Xenia world and make your business grow. We offer you the technology, the consulting services and the management.

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