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Xenia is at the service of businesses and travel management companies in order to structure and implement made-to-measure hotel programmes all over the world with innovative technological models and tools.

It produces solutions for the entire hotel programme work-flow, for the analysis of data and reference benchmarks on multiple compartments and best in class in various sectors.

With proprietary applications, Xenia certifies the objective rating of hotels and the customised inventory organisation.

Xenia also owns the technological system used and is therefore able to interface with any management system of a company and of a TMC.


Thanks to the expertise and know-how in hôtellerie as well as to the service system based on CRM, Xenia is able to support companies with maximum levels of personalisation. Xenia provides ad hoc solutions to each of its customers, adds their information to IT systems in real time, etc. Xenia’s operating model ensures the full application of existing conditions and a context-sensitive benchmarking service which identifies areas of intervention in the economic and qualitative senses.



The advice provided by Xenia gives reference and support for analysing and defining travel policies, the internal organisation of a company’s processes, consumption models, supplier selection, agency selection, etc. Thanks to the best practices acquired in terms of effectiveness and application systems, Xenia offers solutions that meet customers’ requirements.


University partnership

In its endeavours to take data compilation and analysis to new heights of refinement, since 2010 Xenia has been working with the departments of statistical sciences of different Universities on research projects for the certification of business travel data analysis and the conversion of data into clear and comprehensive information for businesses.


Research and Development

Xenia has always invested in training and technology at the core of its business plans. It has continued boosting the Lab, research and development centre in terms of direct and indirect management, pricing, and descriptive and predictive analysis and reporting.


Travel Management

Products and Services

Hotel Programme

Our expertise in hotel management technology finds expression in a range of hi-tech solutions and management models. Specialization allows us to provide businesses, administrations and other operators in the travel sector and hotel programmes with structured, custom-built services.


Xenia HotelRating®

The operating model adopted by Xenia in the selection of hotels for the customer makes use of continuous site inspection activities – also in co-sourcing with the client companies – mystery shoppers, mystery guests, technical meetings with the hotel managers, objective assessment and scouting ratings that guarantee the direct knowledge of hotel facilities. The quality level of the hotels is examined in the context of a process that uses the Xenia HotelRating® application.


Georeferencing System

Xenia’s web tool is equipped with a georeferencing system that allows a user to make searches starting from a Point of Interest (POI) or from a generic address to develop an itinerary with all relevant details; the map displays partner hotels showing whether there are any available rooms, and gives the possibility to directly request reservation.


Occupancy Way®

It's a proprietary system for monitoring the level of occupancy of the facilities of the hotel programmes.


Hotel Connect

Thanks to Xenia’s technology businesses and travel management companies can find hotels to all distribution channels: GDS (Global Distribution System), web and corporate channel.


RT Corp Benchmarking

This is a market intelligence solution characterised by high performance and developed for those who need to have a whole picture of the prices of hotels so as to monitor and always search for the best offer in the market. Xenia stores the prices and conditions that allow for final and predictive analyses of prices.

Xenia effettua lo storage di tariffe e condizioni che le consentono analisi consuntive e predittive dei prezzi.



Xenia's Reporting, which is made available for client businesses and TMCs, clearly shows the company consumption model and all the direct and indirect levers that converge, making the travel expenses tenets and details visible.


We are at your disposal to organise and implement made-to-measure hotel programmes all over the world applying innovative technology models and tools and to provide a valid support for the analysis of data and reference benchmarks.

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