Crew Accommodation

Integrated management for the mobility of crews.


Xenia specialises in managing the entire crew accommodation process and the layover and AOG services as a support to airlines, rail companies and sea transport companies.

The service we offer comprises a worldwide hotel scouting, the negotiation and the drafting of contracts as well as the operational management with a 7/24/365 full support.

The valuable elements of Xenia’s crew accommodation service are:

  • over 25 years’ experience and know-how in the hôtellerie sector;
  • a worldwide hotel scouting;
  • directories comprised of individual hotels and hotel chains;
  • hotels’ selection perfectly fitting the crews’ needs;
  • out-sourced and/or co-sourced hotels’ site inspections;
  • personalised rates and contracts’ negotiations;
  • benchmark data and expense management dashboard and solutions;
  • utmost reporting tools;
  • proprietary technology system able to interface any third-party platform;
  • personalised pricing models. 

Hôtellerie Service

Hotel Programme

This is the product of a specific negotiation activity conducted by Xenia that takes account of the travel policies and regulations of each airline, rail company, etc. and of the expectations in terms of budget, standard, location, services, terms of payment, etc.


Hotel Agreement

The purchase process by Xenia groups all the identification, negotiation and contracting activities of the accommodation facilities with the characteristics requested by customers. The knowledge of hôtellerie, the use of benchmark tools and the expertise in negotiating prices and ancillary conditions guarantee a crucial added value for the achievement of the economic-qualitative objectives.



Xenia can book hotels around the world, both by using its XeniaEnterprise® proprietary system, which collects a customised directory of hotels for each customer, and by making use of the traditional booking channels. Xenia service is active 24/7/365. Xenia manages each request through its CRM with manifold teams of professionals, who are constantly trained and have the best technological solutions. For 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, Xenia is ready to provide service, support and assistance to customers.


Customer Service | Customer care

Xenia is a company made of people and for people. It knows the meaning of hospitality and wishes to reserve to customers the attentions they show to their guests. Listening to their requests, understanding their requirements and knowing how to establish a fruitful dialogue is the first step in order to be able to propose truly made-to-measure solutions.


Research and Development

More than 6 years ago, Xenia founded a Research & Development department that offers a wide range of data analyses and other statistical advice services. It has specific expertise in the travel industry and in the indirect purchasing segment. It provides business intelligence and model designing support for controlling final, predictive and benchmark figures. Since 2010, Xenia has been working with the Departments of Statistical Sciences of different Universities.



Xenia’s reporting was developed in order to produce complete syntheses and detailed expenditure reports mainly enriched with the necessary statistical elements for a correct interpretation of data.

The reporting made available is mainly based on three solutions:

  • web based reporting;
  • web based dashboard;
  • off-line reporting

Quality Management

The operating procedures and flows are at the highest market levels, as it has been formally certified by quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. Since 2003, the financial statements have always been certified, and Xenia adopts the system required under Italian legislation (Lg. 231/2001), which guarantees their transparency towards the market.


Integration System

Strongly focused on and committed to the development of technology, Xenia – by means of specialised services – provides IT systems that are entirely manufactured in-house for the organisation and management of the crew accommodation service. The attention paid to research and innovation results in high value-added products and services.


Xenia HotelRating®

The operating model adopted by Xenia makes use of continuous site inspection activities – also in co-sourcing with the client companies – mystery shoppers, mystery guests, technical meetings with the hotel managers, objective assessment and scouting ratings that guarantee the direct knowledge of hotel facilities.


Georeferencing System

Xenia's web tool is equipped with a georeferencing system that allows a user to make searches starting from a Point of Interest (POI) or from a generic address to develop an itinerary with all relevant details. The map displays partner hotels showing whether there are any available rooms, and gives the possibility to directly request reservation.


Occupancy Way®

It’s a proprietary system for monitoring the level of occupancy of the facilities of the hotel programmes.


Xenia Crew Technology

Applying its proprietary technology, Xenia has developed XeniaCrew, a web tool that can interface with clients’ systems and support and monitor crew accommodation services with customisable functions.


Crew Mobile App

Xenia has developed an App for the crew accommodation service. The application enables users to manage and update in a complete manner and in real time their own trip.

Designed and produced taking into account all travellers’ needs, the App offers utilities so as to always be informed and organised.


Green Lodging

In keeping with its environmental policy, Xenia shall submit questionnaires to the primary providers of services that enable the development and sharing of environmentally-friendly choices.


Management Tools


We are at your disposal to show our products and services for an integrated mobility management of your crews.

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